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 Dark Match Johnny Mercer vs Mike Cole

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Dark Match Johnny Mercer vs Mike Cole Empty
PostSubject: Dark Match Johnny Mercer vs Mike Cole   Dark Match Johnny Mercer vs Mike Cole Icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 6:50 pm

Announcer:This match is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Cleveland Ohio, The Awesome One, Mike Cole!

Announcer;And his opponent, coming from New Orleans, Louisiana, The Joker, Johnny Mercer!

Ding Ding Ding

The match starts with Mike Cole rushing at Johnny and starting to swing away punches at him. The ref separtes them and Mike kicks Johnny in the gut then goes for a spinebuster but it is countered into a DDT. Johnny signals to the fans and goes for a dancing leg drop. The legdrop connects on Mike and Johnny rushes into the cover.

1..2. Kick out.

Johnny gets up right away pulling Mike up with him. But wait Mike punches Johnny in the gut and then jumps up and hits an enziguiri. Mike picks up Johnny and grabs him in a suplex position. He lifts up Johnny and hits a stunner on the way down. Mike knowing he is in control picks up Johnny and then punches him continuously until he pushes Johnny into the corner. He then goes back and runs at Johnny but Johny ducks under the ropes and kicks Mike in the head. He then jumps off the ropes and hits a flying elbow on Mike. He climbs up then ropes and goes for a senton bomb. The senton connects and Johnny goes into the cover.

1...2.. Kick out.

Johnny showing a few signs of anger and climbs on the top rope. He jumps off and goes for the heat seeking elbow but Mike is up and catches Mercer with a spinebuster out in midair. Mike gets up in a weakened state and goes behind Mercer and starts doing the taunt that sets up the skull crushing finale. The corwd is booing loudly. Mercer is up and gets caught with a skull crushing finale. Cole crawls into the cover.

1...2.. Kick Out.

Mike looks at the ref in disbelief. He then waits for Mercer to get up to one knee before trying to hit his other finisher the snap DDT. Mercer catches him though and puts Cole in the Hell's Gate submission manuveur. Cole tries to find the ropes but can't. Cole looks like he is about to tap when he suddenly lifts up Mercer and powerbombs him. Both competitors are on the ground and the ref starts counting them.

1...2...(Mike is on one knee and Mercer is leaning on the ropes)...3...4(both competitiors are up and the ref stops.)

Johnny runs at Cole and hits a rough ryder. He then lifts up Cole but Cole punches him with a bit of fight left and irish whips him. Mercer crashes into the ref knocking him out in the process. Cole see his chance and goes out of the ring and grabs a mic from a nearby workman. He enters the ring and waits for Mecer to stand. Mercer finally gets up and turns around to see a mic smashing into his skull. Cole then pulls the ref over and crawls into the cover. The ref is a bit slow but finally starts counting.


Ding Ding Ding
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Dark Match Johnny Mercer vs Mike Cole
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