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 Triple Threat Mike Thomas vs Phillip Phillips vs Anton Hinston

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Triple Threat Mike Thomas vs Phillip Phillips vs Anton Hinston Empty
PostSubject: Triple Threat Mike Thomas vs Phillip Phillips vs Anton Hinston   Triple Threat Mike Thomas vs Phillip Phillips vs Anton Hinston Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 4:53 am

Announcer:This match is a Triple Threat match and is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Venice Italy, weighing in at 230 pounds, Phillip Phillips!

Announcer: And his opponent, making his way from Austin Texas, weighing in at 250 pounds, Mike Thomas!

Announcer:And their opponent, making his way from Odense Denmark, weighing in at 180 pounds, Anton Hinston!

Ding Ding Ding

The match starts off with everyone trying to figure out who to attack first. Mike Thomas and Phil both point at Hinston and they start surrounding him throwing punches. Soon Phil steps back and picks up Thomas from behind and delivers an electric chair. Phil then makes his way over to Anton and puts him on the top rope. Phil tries to superplex him but Anton keeps that from happening. Anton then punches Phil in the gut causing Phil to let go. Anton then grabs Phil and powerbombs him from the top rope. Thomas is up first and waits for one of the two to stand up. Phil is the first to stand up and he gets hit with an RKO. Anton comes up from behind Thomas and turns him around. He then irish whip him to the ropes and on the rebound he hits a samoan drop on Thomas. Anton crawls into the cover on Phil.

1...2.. Kick out.

Anton then goes straight to the cover on Thomas.

1...2.. Kick out.

Anton sees he isn't going to get a pin so he leaves the ring and pulls a ladder from underneath. He slides the ladder in and sets it up. He climbs to the top and then Phil starts climbing too. Anton punches Phil as he makes his way up but Phil won't let go and starts trading some blows of his own. Soon Anton gets the advantage and puts Phil in powerbomb position. He jumps off the ropes and hits another powerbomb to Phil. Thomas then runs toward Anton after he gets up and tries for a bicycle kick but Antondodges and when Thomas turns around he gets hit with a jumping knee. Anton then crawls into the cover on Thomas.

1...2.. Phil is up and pulls Anton off of Thomas.

Anton then is attacked by several punches and then irish whipped out of the ring. When Anton gets up he is hit with a suicide dive from Phil,who lands on his feet,. Phil then pulls out a chair and drags Anton into the ring. He puts Anton sitting in the corner and places a chair in front of him. Phil goes to the other side of the ring and jumps off the ropes towards Anton.The Van Daminator connects and Phil quickly goes into the cover on Anton.

1...2.. Thomas grabs Phil and rolls him up.

1...2.. Kick Out.

Phil is angry with Thomas and tries to superkick Thomas. Thomas grabs Phil's foot and turns him around. When Phil is facing Thomas again he is hit with a bicycle kick. Thomas goes out of the ring and picks up a table and drags it into the ring. He sets it up and then places Phil on it.He then sets up the ladder and starts climbing. Anton is back up and climbs up the ladder too. when Anton is on top the two start trading blows. Thomas gets the advantage and the suddenly spears Anton. The two come flying from the top of the ladder and land on the table along with Phil. Thomas places his hand on Anton and the ref starts counting.


Ding Ding Ding

Mike Thomas gets up and celebrates his victory.
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Triple Threat Mike Thomas vs Phillip Phillips vs Anton Hinston
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