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 Mr Reckless vs Jordan Spearson hardcore match

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Mr Reckless vs Jordan Spearson hardcore match Empty
PostSubject: Mr Reckless vs Jordan Spearson hardcore match   Mr Reckless vs Jordan Spearson hardcore match Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 5:47 am

Announcer: This match is set for one fall, weapons are allowed, now making his way to the ring from Manchester England, weighing in at 215 pounds, Mr Reckless!

Announcer:And his opponent, making his way from Tronto,Ontario,Canada,weighing in at 248 pounds, Jordan Spearson!

Jordan comes to the ring with a cart full of weapons which include but are not limited to barbed wrie covered sticks, 2 by 4s, chairs, sledgehammers, and matches.

Ding Ding Ding

The match starts with Jordan spearson holding a sledgehammer that he got from his cart. He runs at Mr Reckless with the sledgehammer and hits him in the stomach. Mr Reckless goes down to his hands and knees and then gets clubbed again with the sledgehammer across the back. Mr Reckless grabs the sledgehammer to prevent a third strike and pulls it from Jordan's grasp. He then smashes it directly into the balls of Jordan and kicks Jordan away. He gets up and grabs Jordan and hits a DDT. He then goes out of the ring and grabs a chair. He then goes into the ring and places the chair in the corner between the second and third ropes. Hethen pulls Jordan up and starts smashing his head into the chair. Mr Reckless stops after 20 head smashings and after Jordan has been bloodied and goes out of the ring and pulls out a table. He puts it in the ring and then goes under the ring once more and grabs a ladder. He is about to slide the ladder in when Jordan comes and dropkicks the ladder into Mr Reckless' face. Jordan then slides the ladder in as well. He then sets up the ladder and table and places Mr Reckless on the table. He climbs up the ladder and is about to jump when Mr Reckless kicks the ladder causing Jordan to lose balance and fall out of the ring and onto his cart. Mr Reckless then gets off the table and runs to the ropes. He jumps over them and hits a plancha on Jordan.Mr Reckless gets up and steals some Pepsi from a fan. Mr Reckless then drags Jordan in the ring and sets the ladder up again. He then climbs up the ladder and places Jordan on the table. Jordan quickly gets off as Mr Reckless reaches the top and starts climbing up as well. When they are at the top they start brawling. Mr Reckless gets the advantage(uh oh bad news) and then spits Pepsi in Jordan's face and then connects with the Pepsi Twist off the top of the ladder and through the table. Mr Reckless goes for the cover in a weak crawl.

1...2... Kick Out.

Mr Reckless looks at the ref with a mix of anger and disbelief. He thengoes out of the ring and grabs a barbed wire covered sheet. He puts it in the ring and climbs in. Jordan Spearson has somehow recovered and when Mr Reckless gets in the ring he runs at him and spears him on the barbed wire covered sheet. Mr Reckless' back is covered in blood and Jordan locks in the Edge-a-cator on M Reckless while still on the barbed wire. Mr Reckless' face and torso are now covered in blood. Mr Reckless breaks out of the hold by flipping Jordan towards the ropes and out of the ring. He then slides off the barbed wire and stays there lying down staring at the ceiling. Jordan gets up quickly and pulls out another table. He then puts this in the ring and sets it up. He puts the barbed wire sheet on and goes out of the ring for the matches. He sets the table on fire and waits for Mr Reckless to get up before running at him and trying to spear him through the table. Mr Reckless dodges and Jordan nearly goes through the table before stopping himself.Jordna gets hit with the Para Normal and then Mr Reckless places him on the still flaming and barbed wire covered table. He climbs up the ladder and stands on top. He jumps off and goes for the Para Weird. The Para Weird connects and the entire crowd gasps with fear. Both competitors are down in the ring. The ref looks at the two who are lying unconscious. Both start to stir and Jordan rolls over and in the process puts his hand on Mr Reckless.

1...2.. Kick out.

Mr Reckless gains a sense of consciousness again and starts to struggle getting up. He finally does and goes out of the ring. He grabs a bag of tacks that was in the now ruined cart. He goes into the ring and opens the bag. He starts spreading them all around the ring and waits for Jordan to stand. Jordan finally stands up and turns towards Mr Reckless. Mr Reckless runs at Jordan and hits the Reckless Impact. Jordan's back is covered in blood and tacks. Both superstars are covered in blood from their amazing bump earlier in the contest. Mr Reckless goes into the cover.

1...2.. Kick Out.

Mr Reckless looks at the ref and starts yelling threatening to fire the man because he had done a slow count. The ref told Mr Reckless to calm down. Mr Reckless calmed down and tried to do his last trick to beat Jordan. He goes out of the ring and goes into the crowd and into the back. Jordan gets up and sees where the spotlight is shining and starts running after Mr Reckless. Jordan gets to where the spotlight is showing and then attacks the person it's shining on. He turns the person around and sees it is not Mr Reckless. He turns around and looks all over. He then looks up and on the roof of the stadium stands Mr Reckless(about 50 feet from where Jordan is standing. Suddenly a crowd member attacks Jordan from behind with a lead pipe. Jordan goes down and is on his back. Mr Reckless jumps and goes for The Para Weird from 50 feet in the air. The Para Weird connects. Several other crowd members grab the two and put them into the ring and then pull Mr Reckless onto Jordan Spearson.


Ding Ding Ding

Mr Reckless wins and still doesn't know where he is but after a few minutes he stands up and the ref raises his hand.(Mr Reckless paid the fans to do what they did)
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Mr Reckless vs Jordan Spearson hardcore match
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