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Mr Reckless

Mr Reckless

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PostSubject: Voltage    Voltage  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 12:24 pm

Purple and white fireworks go off as the Voltage theme plays...

JR:"Welcome ladies and gentleman to World Wide Wrestling!"

King:"That's right,this is it...the official debut of W3"

JR:"And what a night we have in store for tonight King,its going to be EXTREME!"

King:"You said it,tonight see "The One And Only"Jordan Spearson face off with his already heated rival,Mr. Reckless!"

Voltage  AdA0QwxCIAEUe_M

JR:"But lets not forget the Triple Threat match for tonight!"

King:"I was getting to that. See one half of Gen X,Matt Thomas go against Phil Phillips and Anton Hinston!"

Voltage  AdA4M5yCEAAXK0m

JR:"Let's get this show on the road!!!"

Voltage  Jeff_Hardy_Signature_MFS_by_ExFMv
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