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 Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham

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The One The Only

The One The Only

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Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham Empty
PostSubject: Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham   Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 1:36 pm

Todd Grisham:

Tonight we have an epic battle between The Immortal Englishmen Mr. Reckless Against The Hardcore Icon Jordan Spearson.

Now before i interview The One And Only we are going to look back at how this feud started.Now before there rivalry has

been about personal vendettas to championship in ending up to just a complete street brawl. these two have had a very very

heated past and as they look to further there carrier for a chance at the WWW hardcore title. They have been through every

wrestling organization WWE, TNA, ROH, EHDW, PWWF, WWF You name it they have done it.

*camera fades into a video of the past rivalry of Jordan Speasron and Mr. Reckless


At this Time May i Present to you the One The Only Jordan Spearson.


That was a very deep video package that was just showed. It Brought back some crazy memories.But im here to answer questions not remembrances on memories. So Todd ask away.


Ok So tonight You face Former friend Long time rival in an extreme rules match to detemrine the Number one contender for the Extreme Championship. What Are your thoughts?


Well Mr. Reckless was one of my best friends, Key word WAS, but we let championships and personal vendettas get in our

way. But tonight is no differnt we are fighting in a match, A "extreme" Match that i might add, to determine the number

one contender for the hardcore title. But you know what history Repeats its self so Without A doubt i wi........

* A Video appears on the screen

*Jordan Spearson with a look of fear in his eyes

Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham JSfadedsig
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Jordan Spearson on his opponet W/ Todd grisham
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