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 Have No Fear, P-Squared is Here

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Have No Fear, P-Squared is Here Empty
PostSubject: Have No Fear, P-Squared is Here   Have No Fear, P-Squared is Here Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 7:28 pm

When the song, Let's Start a Riot, blared through the speakers, the crowd was silent. The company was new to everyone, so they were anxious to see the first debut. Accompanying the music was a blonde man with a goatee and wrestling gear; tights depicting blue lightning. He also had on black boots and wrist tape. He had a microphone in hand, and seemed anxious to speak as he walked down the ramp. In order to enter the ring, he climbed up to the ring apron and jumped over the top rope. Once finally in the ring, he raised the microphone and began to speak.

Welcome, all, to World Wide Wrestling.

The crowd cheered for the new wrestling promotion.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Phillip Phillips, co-founder of this company. However, I am not all business. Next Thursday night, on our very first show– Voltage– I will be competing in a triple threat match.

Once again, there was a large amount of cheering. However, it wasn't necessarily for the new face as much as it was for the first show.

My opponents? Mike Thomas and Anton Hinston. I would consider them "two other new people", but really everyone here is new– including myself.

Now the crowd silenced, having nothing to cheer for anymore.

Anyways, the reason I came out here– other than to inform you of that match– is to confirm that I am determined to dominate in this match, and kick everyone's ass with ease. Have a nice day.

The crowd provided a mixed reaction now, after seeing the attitude of this new wrestler. He dropped the microphone and began to exit the arena as his theme song played again.

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Have No Fear, P-Squared is Here
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